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Claritas Marketing

Claritas Marketing is about providing solutions for wineries.

I have spent many years working in restaurants, distribution, retail, brand development, national sales, global marketing, and a splash of winemaking. I adore the wine industry, and am always looking toward the more creative approaches of making our industry an ever better proposition.

I am adaptable, and driven, and can work across all aspects of business of wine to best fit your goals.

Claritas Marketing takes the approach that brands need always to build, and take advantage of the opportunities the current market can afford. Even existing producers with a strong history need to take advantage of new media, diverse channels to market, and the immediacy afforded by the internet to sustain its growth. Smaller brands must be aware of all aspects of the trade, and approach their marketing with all these factors in play.

This is not an aggressive approach, nor one incurring a significant financial burden, but rather one which is aware of the opportunities of the market, and is not afraid to step off the beaten path of marketing and sales.

It is all about the people and the relationships...


It is really simple – wine marketing and sales CANNOT be conducted effectively from a desk and a laptop.

It is really simple – wine marketing and sales CANNOT be conducted effectively from a desk and a laptop.

Sales are driven and guided by relationships, time spent in stores seeing what works – and what doesn’t work. Time spent in venues training staff to understand what they are selling and how it integrates into their business.

Much of my time is spent working with the people – the buyers, the somms, the waiters, the store staff. Working out the best fit for their business and providing not just stock, but the training and information to ensure that this works.

I work across a number of areas within the wine industry – and see that the experience across the spectrum only serves to improve my capability and offering.

Winemaking would be lost without a marketing assist, and both are at sea without an effective channel into the market. With a background across all areas of winemaking, production, packaging, brand management, sales and marketing, I offer a unique perspective to wineries looking to assess and develop their presence in the market. I believe in a strong and consistent brand voice and building that across everything from social media, packaging, and the presentation of the wines out in the trade.


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